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Current version:

I have hacked my own application OneWay to get my JVC KD-G731 car MP3-player to handle my music collection.

This application, unlike OneWay that basically is a backup tool, will help you arrange files so you can find them faster, if you have a lot of them in your root, like me, and if your MP3-player have limited browse and search capabilities.

This is done simply by creating a bunch of folders into the target, one for each letter in the Swedish alphabet (which includes all letters in the English alphabet). Then it will put all files from source that is not in a subdirectory into these folders.

That way it will be a lot faster to browse to a certain folder, and then the file you are looking for. (At least if you have many files directly in youre folder, not already in subfolders)

Another thing that I had to do was a filename length limiter. It simply makes an (unsafe) cut if filename length exceeds 128 letters. Otherwise, if one single file is too long, my JVC KD-G731 wont be able to read the disc at all.

Anyway. If anyone needs this, please use it. But beware... I don't know if I will ever improve this application, or if I (a bit against OneWays basic goals) adds some features so it can do the same thing, with special options enabled.

The timestamp handling works with a one minute resolution, and to deal with daylight savings it also has an exception for times off by one hour.

This version will not force write protect bit in target.

The file length limit is unsafe. (Wont handle two too long files with a similar name.)

There is no way to select other rules than "arrange files not in subfolder into a Swedish alphabet".

ontheway install.exe

News in 0.2:
A bug preventing many users to launch the program was fixed. 0.1 needed a DLL-file that was not included. New versions wont need the DLL-file.

If you just want to compare two folders automatically you can do so like this
oneway.exe -s sourcedir -t targetdir -c
If you want to sync two folders automatically you can do so like this
oneway.exe -s sourcedir -t targetdir -c -y -x