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Current version:
0.6 BETA

OneWay is an application for folder synchronization. It is well suited for manually doing backups of your collections. Perhaps a music collection, or perhaps the family photo album. Of course it can be used for business documents as well.

The main advantage of this kind of tool compared to a normal copy operation or a regular backup program is that you will get a verification of exactly what have been changed since your last backup, so you can detect any accidental changes in your collection before making backups of it. I think this is essential for large collections of files where you can't keep all old backup generations.

Key features:


oneway install.exe (Or stand alone oneway.exe)

Please note:
The timestamp handling works with a one minute resolution, to deal with all different filesystems, and their more or less accurate time resolution. It will also handle files that is off by one hour like their not, to deal with various problems in the Windows daylight saving support.

Some applications intentionally take steps to avoid that the timestamp is set when editing. Therefor OneWay might not be able to detect when a sync of these files is necessary. One such application is TrueCrypt, that has a setting called "Preserve timestamp of the containers" enabled by default.

There is no setting in OneWay to control whether or not new and updated files in the target will become a read only file. Instead it looks at all files in target and try to respect the common practice.

OneWay does not handle NTFS alternate data streams. (A kind of secret files attached to other files.)

If there should exist a file in source with the same name as a folder in target you have to sync twice.

When copying a large file the progress bar wont update until the file is done. Abort will not work either.

News in 0.6 BETA:
Support for Unicode. ("Exotic" characters.)
Now supports long (deep) paths, beyond 260 characters.
Progress indicators.
Better looking path input controls. Now with triple click feature.
Can remember paths.
Fixed a bug that lead to unpredictable behavior with files larger than 2 gigabytes.
Fixed a bug that lead to unpredictable behavior when files had no timestamp.

News in 0.5 BETA:
Handling of read only files and folders in target.
New graphics.

News in 0.4 ALPHA:
The timestamp handling is rewritten to deal with different time resolution in different filesystems, and also to deal with various day light saving scenarios.

News in 0.3 ALPHA:
A bug preventing many users to launch the program was fixed. 0.2 ALPHA needed a DLL-file that was not included in the installer. New versions wont need the DLL-file.

If you just want to compare two folders automatically you can do so like this
oneway.exe -s sourcedir -t targetdir -c
If you want to sync two folders automaticly you can do so like this
oneway.exe -s sourcedir -t targetdir -c -y -x

(Perhaps an old version will work on older systems like Windows 95, 98 and ME. But then again... what did work in those crap systems? There is also a special version of this application called OnTheWay with some special features for synchronizing with limited MP3-players.)

If you find bugs or just want to say thanks, try Contact me.