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Employment Hofpartner 2023-2023

Hopartner is a company which builds core shafts, core chucks and lifting equipment.

I was involved in a heavy duty lift, driven by electrical motors in all three dimensions. The product was kind of already made, when I got involved with the project. But there were still work to be done regarding the software, in order to get it to a releasable state.

The code needed to be cleaned up, not containing any unnecessary unused old code and temporary experiments, and being commented properly. Overall improving maintainability. I also produced processes for software life cycle, like setting up system for keeping track of changes, and creating strategies for how to actually install the software in production, and how to configure network access for new installations in field, in order to tune and to do service tasks.

Since things just had to be done before the first delivery deadline, I also got involved in some practicalities, like getting correct cables and get UPS-batteries working, and had to take care of finding solutions for mounting holes, stand offs and screws for mounting.